2022 FSA Contribution Limits Announced

2022 FSA Contribution Limits

2022 Medical FSA Contribution Limits

·     The 2022 Medical contribution will be $2,850 per year up $100 from last year.

·     The 2022 FSA carryover is $570 per year, which is up $20 from *2021

*COVID relief – Notice 2021-15 allowed for 100% Carryover for plan years 2020 &2021 - Reminder:  If your plan allowed for 100% rollover due to COVID Relief Notice 2021-15 – 2021 Plan year is the last year that you can allow for 100% rollover in Healthcare FSA & Dependent Care. 

2022 Dependent and/or Child Daycare Expenses

·     Maximum Annual Contribution Limit; married and filing jointly or single parent is $5,000

·     Maximum Annual Contribution Limit; married filing separate is $2,500

The 2022 cafeteria plan daycare contribution limit has been reduced back down to the $5,000 for a married couple filing a joint return, or for a single parent filing as “Head of Household.” For a married couple filing separate returns, the limit is $2,500 each.

If your plan was amended to increase the DCAP for 2021 - An employee who isn't able to use the entire amount available under a DCFSA in 2021 will have all of2022 to use amounts remaining from 2021 for reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred in 2022.